Integral and efficient management

Focusing on people, the entity is committed to transformation and digital services, and collaborative work

Integral and efficient management

Focusing on people, the entity is committed to transformation and digital services, and collaborative work

Commitment to digital transformation

During the 2022 financial year, Mutua Universal has continued to make progress in its digital transformation, aligned with the entity’s strategy, to promote numerous initiatives focused on four dimensions: the empowerment of the different interest groups, efficiency, innovation and corporate culture.

In this way, Mutua Universal has evolved its management and work models in a move towards hybrid models that combine in-person and remote working.

In the field of management, the entity has launched a secure, agile and simple electronic processing system for benefits, and has continued to work on automating processes and improving the functionality of the Private Areas.

Single contact person

Mutua Universal offers one single contact person, understood as the professional individual of reference who accompanies the user throughout his or her relationship with the entity, responding to requests and queries to offer the fastest and most appropriate response in each situation.

Process automation

Mutua Universal applies Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology, an innovative software that allows the automation of low-value-added tasks to reduce or eliminate workloads for workers in repetitive processes that are carried out within the entity.

  • Decrease in management times.

  • Reduced error rate.

  • Increased security.

  • Increased productivity and efficiency in processes.

  • Highlights the work of the entity’s professionals, who can dedicate themselves to tasks that provide added value to the different stakeholders.

Savings in hours 2020
Savings in hours 2021
Savings in hours 2022
Cases dealt with
Processes executed in 2020
Processes executed in 2021271
Processes executed in 2022
Total savings

Comprehensive electronic processing and management

With the aim of being more efficient in management, as well as empowering the protected population, Mutua Universal offers an agile, simple and secure electronic processing service that facilitates procedures between the entity and its target audience.

Based on concepts such as traceability, agility and security, Mutua Universal’s electronic processing system, integrated into the Private Area, presents the following benefits: 

  • Facilitates the work of collaborating consultancies, mutualists and the protected population in their efforts related to the entity.

  • Simplifies the management of procedures.

  • Saves time by avoiding in-person visits.

  • Allows immediate access to the information of the procedure from any device and place and at any time of the process.

  • Guarantees the identity of the applicant and the integrity and authenticity of the process.

New functionalities
in Private Areas

Patient Private Area
  • A new section of “Reports and results” that gives access to all patient health reports. Users will be able to consult and download both their medical reports and the reports of their test results all in one place.
  • New functionality that allows you to consult and download the IRPF (personal income tax) deduction certificates for those people who have received economic benefits in Mutua Universal.
  • Renewed version of the Patient Private Area with a more personalised design, a more intuitive and friendly interface and easier navigation.
What can you do in the Patient Private Area?
  • Easily access your complete medical history: view your medical appointments and scheduled tests, as well as consult your financial benefits in a secure and confidential manner.
  • Consult and request a change of medical appointment in a simple way, without being put on hold or having to travel to the centre.
  • Consult your care team from anywhere and at any time during the process (eConsultation).
  • View the detail of your received economic benefits, as well as the date and amount of those that are in progress.
  • Receive all the news, status of your requests and upcoming medical appointments.

Company Private Area

Mutua Universal’s Company Private Area is a web service that gives associated companies, self-employed workers and collaborating consultancies the possibility of processing benefits, monitoring leave processes, consulting information to reduce the accident rate or request first aid kits, among other services.
  • The Private Company Area has a new functionality that allows people who have been beneficiaries of economic benefits in Mutua Universal to consult and download the IRPF (personal income tax) deduction certificates.
  • In addition, it has the Company Observatory, a tool that analyses the indicators of absenteeism and accident rates through an interactive dashboard that helps in the management and decision-making of Human Resources and occupational risk prevention.

Private Area for Healthcare Providers

The launch of the Private Area for Mutua Universal healthcare providers exemplifies the advantages of centralising all procedures on one single platform.

This space allows providers to carry out all the procedures related to orders, reports and invoices.