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"We are moving towards an organization that encourages anticipation, responsibility and creativity through collaboration."



Juan Güell Ubillos
Managing director of Mutua Universal

Publicado el: 02/05/2017

2018 was, in general terms, a positive year for the Spanish economy. According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), GDP grew by 2.6%, the lowest increase in the last four years, although it again exceeded the Eurozone average (1.8%).

This positive development was transferred to the labour market, with the creation of 566,200 jobs and 19.56 million affiliates to the Social Security Institute, the best figure since August 2008. With figures down by 210,484, unemployment stood at 3.2 million, 14.4% of the labour force, which represents a year-on-year rate of reduction of 6.2% and is reported to have been a downward trend for six consecutive years. Average Social Security affiliation rose to 19,024,465 in December, the best year-end data for the last 11 years, although still below the 19,372,777 registered in December 2007.

In the last year, Mutua Universal reached a total income of 1,082 million euros, 9.7% higher than the previous year, with positive results of 44.3 million. Thanks to a rigorous management and an optimisation of resources, the treasury does not have liquidity problems, and we will maintain the coverage for all established items. Mutua Universal is today a healthy company that has paid practically all of its debt in recent years. As a result of litigation and claims from a previous period, whilst maintaining a considerable and solvent historical heritage, as can be seen in the accounts in this report.

At the close of 2018, we had provided coverage for 1,464,701 workers and 165,678 companies. It should be noted that 90.44% of the incorporated employed workers and 86.09% of the new companies who placed their trust in Mutua Universal contracted protection against common contingencies, in a markedly increasing trend, in addition to protection against occupational illness or injury.

We highly value the management results in a year that, despite the good performance of the main indicators of the national economy and given the countercyclical trend of our sector, has been adverse for mutual companies. The regulatory framework makes us resolve to follow a logic similar to the insurance sector - providing coverage in a reactive way - when our essence and vocation is proactive service, both in the strict field of healthcare and in administrative management and prevention.

With stability and economic growth, job creation is recovering and, at the same time, absenteeism is increasing disproportionately. As a result, expenses that mutual companies must assume are triggered, and ultimately have a negative impact on the income for Social Security.

In recent years, the sector has assumed a very significant increase in expenditure that has pushed the system to the limit. 2018 was particularly difficult in this regard. Only in the last financial year, the production of goods equivalent to 5.86% of GDP was prevented due to absenteeism, the management of temporary disability due to common contingencies suffered a loss of 747 million euros, the results of mutual companies as a whole fell by 5.72% and the total impact of the economic benefit for common contingencies was a figure of 7,500 million euros for Social Security. In the 2014-2018 cycle of economic recovery, the expense for benefits increased by 58%.

Added to this limiting situation of structural origin experienced by the mutual company system were other factors of uncertainty, such as political tensions and economic growth among major powers, which threaten sustained economic growth that is essential in order to reduce the State's debt and ensure an inclusive prosperity for millions of citizens who are in a precarious situation.


Publicado el: 02/05/2017

In 2018, it became more necessary than ever to make progress on the two fundamental lines that form part of our corporate DNA: continuous improvement and innovation, with the aim of improving the efficiency of the processes and guiding us towards cost reduction.

Publicado el: 12/07/2017

But, without doubt, the most relevant fact for us was the change of government in early June, following the success of a motion of censure that very few predicted. By its nature, the system of mutual companies collaborating with the Social Security Institute is a highly regulated sector and, as a result, dependent on the Executive's guidelines. In this regard, we must express our satisfaction that we were able to establish a professional relationship of trust through a frank and effective collaboration in complete transparency. The new management team, which came with a lot of experience and knew Mutua Universal well, was able to see - as we were told - how we had evolved in recent years to be a reference for the sector in quite a few respects.

However, this did not prevent us from working hard to adapt to the new regulatory provisions or other measures that were adopted with the aim of maintaining a system composed of profitable and healthy mutual companies. A vision that we share and work for every day.

Without any reasons for optimism, we are addressing the design of a new Strategic Plan with precaution, but with firm determination to comply with our mission of "ensuring the health and well-being of our mutual society members, managing the services and allowances with rigour and excellence, committed to society and sustainability of the system."

To achieve this, it was more necessary than ever to make progress on the two fundamental lines that form part of our DNA: continuous improvement and innovation. We aim to improve the efficiency of procedures and to focus on reducing costs.

To this end, the effort was intensified to optimise purchasing management, optimise our facilities, reduce dependence on suppliers outside the system and establish partnerships with other mutual companies.

The challenges we face require an up-to-date and accurate knowledge of the progress in procedures to systematically identify the deviations and opportunities for improvement; ensuring, furthermore, that the impact of decisions is uniformly implemented throughout the organisation. In 2018, the management team worked increasingly on the ground: The management committees are now mobile, and the travel of professionals from the areas is encouraged.

It is functional in regard to Spanish territory and a greater mainstreaming is sought in project management. All of this has involved a review of our business culture to eliminate barriers, promote talent and the resolution of challenges and conflicts in a transversal or collective way.

We are progressing towards a highly centralised organisation in the administration of resources, but oriented towards Spanish territory, where contact with workers and companies takes place and, in turn, more transversal than vertically hierarchical, to stimulate anticipation, responsibility and creativity through collaboration.

To achieve these objectives, as well as maintaining the vocation of excellence in our services, we count on innovation as a natural ally for speeding up processes and contributing added value. The pages of this report also contain a chronology of the innovative action, from the digitalisation of clinical history in 1996, or the development of our Online Clinic telemedicine system in 2009 to recent applications such as the design of prevention apps, the integration of virtual reality into psychological treatment, the implementation of Artificial Intelligence or customised management platforms. Amongst the latter, the INSS Private Area stands out, an initiative of its own to speed up procedures with medical inspectors from the National Social Security Institute that the Administration is implementing throughout the system. These examples confirm our conviction in innovation as a driving force for continuous improvement and development, long before the advent of the "era of digitalisation."

In short, 2018 was a very intense year that consolidated us as a renewed, healthy and solvent mutual company, prepared to take on the greater challenges that undoubtedly lie ahead.

My thanks go to all the affiliated workers, also to the self-employed and to the companies that have trusted us, as well as to each and every one of Mutua Universal's professionals who, with their work, dedication and commitment, make us better every day.

My thanks also go to the Board of Directors and especially to its Chairman for their dedication and support.

Juan Güell Ubillos
Managing Director of Mutua Universal

Publicado el: 12/07/2017

We highly value the management results in a year that, despite the good performance of the main indicators of the national economy and given the countercyclical trend of our sector, has been adverse for mutual companies.