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"The insurance company system needs to find a balance between responsible management practice and the provision of services with creativity and the search for new solutions."



Juan Güell Ubillos
Managing director of Mutua Universal

Publicado el: 02/05/2017

2018 was, in general terms, a positive year for the Spanish economy. According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), GDP grew by 2.6%, the lowest increase in the last four years, although it again exceeded the Eurozone average (1.8%).

This positive development was transferred to the labour market, with the creation of 566,200 jobs and 19.56 million affiliates to the Social Security Institute, the best figure since August 2008. With figures down by 210,484, unemployment stood at 3.2 million, 14.4% of the labour force, which represents a year-on-year rate of reduction of 6.2% and is reported to have been a downward trend for six consecutive years. Average Social Security affiliation rose to 19,024,465 in December, the best year-end data for the last 11 years, although still below the 19,372,777 registered in December 2007.

In the last year, Mutua Universal reached a total income of 1,082 million euros, 9.7% higher than the previous year, with positive results of 44.3 million. Thanks to a rigorous management and an optimisation of resources, the treasury does not have liquidity problems, and we will maintain the coverage for all established items. Mutua Universal is today a healthy company that has paid practically all of its debt in recent years. As a result of litigation and claims from a previous period, whilst maintaining a considerable and solvent historical heritage, as can be seen in the accounts in this report.

At the close of 2018, we had provided coverage for 1,464,701 workers and 165,678 companies. It should be noted that 90.44% of the incorporated employed workers and 86.09% of the new companies who placed their trust in Mutua Universal contracted protection against common contingencies, in a markedly increasing trend, in addition to protection against occupational illness or injury.

We highly value the management results in a year that, despite the good performance of the main indicators of the national economy and given the countercyclical trend of our sector, has been adverse for mutual companies. The regulatory framework makes us resolve to follow a logic similar to the insurance sector - providing coverage in a reactive way - when our essence and vocation is proactive service, both in the strict field of healthcare and in administrative management and prevention.

With stability and economic growth, job creation is recovering and, at the same time, absenteeism is increasing disproportionately. As a result, expenses that mutual companies must assume are triggered, and ultimately have a negative impact on the income for Social Security.

In recent years, the sector has assumed a very significant increase in expenditure that has pushed the system to the limit. 2018 was particularly difficult in this regard. Only in the last financial year, the production of goods equivalent to 5.86% of GDP was prevented due to absenteeism, the management of temporary disability due to common contingencies suffered a loss of 747 million euros, the results of mutual companies as a whole fell by 5.72% and the total impact of the economic benefit for common contingencies was a figure of 7,500 million euros for Social Security. In the 2014-2018 cycle of economic recovery, the expense for benefits increased by 58%.

Added to this limiting situation of structural origin experienced by the mutual company system were other factors of uncertainty, such as political tensions and economic growth among major powers, which threaten sustained economic growth that is essential in order to reduce the State's debt and ensure an inclusive prosperity for millions of citizens who are in a precarious situation.


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Insurance companies contribute to the sustainability of the Social Security System in terms of flexibility, which enables a model of collaboration between the public and private sector. It is a model that has been in practice for many decades and that has proved to be efficient by providing value for the employee, the company and above all for society.

Publicado el: 12/07/2017

In the absence of truly disruptive innovation, we persevere in moving forward along three fundamental lines:

  • A deep and permanently updated knowledge of the evolution -if not of a profound transformation- of the Spanish society and business sector.
  • The systematic identification of advances in scientific and technological knowledge for their application in better prevention and care practices and the promotion of statistical management for predictive analysis.
  • The construction and continuous development of a digital relational ecosystem with our stakeholders that speeds up processes and allows for remote and mobile management. In short, an ecosystem that contributes value in a growing and differential way, in line with the excellence we pursue. The extraordinary progress of the information technologies of the last decades, intensively accelerated in the last years, places us in the dawn of a new era that has changed our way of relating, working, living... We are not naïve and we know that in the path of digitalization there are no shortcuts or master recipes, but it is a process that we have undertaken with determination, applying talent, resources and methodological order.

As planned, in December of last year we concluded our last strategic plan (2014-17) and, based on the indicators that can be seen in this report, we have closed a stage with notable success. The Mutua of 2018 is a stable, growing and fully solvent organization. In four years, we have managed to eliminate a variety of vulnerabilities and are now a more agile organization, able to adapt rapidly and effectively to changing regulatory environments and constraints. 

These have been years of profound changes in society and the economy which, as we have seen above, directly and profoundly affect us. But the team of more than 1,800 professionals that make up Mutua Universal progresses day by day towards excellence in our commitment to society, earning us the trust of associated companies, protected workers and collaborators as well as institutions. 

We now turn to another phase (2018-20). Non-conformist and aware of the need to evolve, our strategic plan seeks to shape a new model adapted to the times. We want to be an organization that is even closer to the territory and that values our capillary implantation throughout the State, in a constant effort for structural containment and excellence in performance. 

Mutua Universal is and will be essentially committed to society, collaborating with institutions in sustaining the Welfare State. 

I would not be evenhanded if I did not take this opportunity to thank the protected workers, our associated companies, the Board of Directors and its Chairman and especially each and every one of the employees of Mutua Universal for their dedication, professionalism and commitment to ethics and good practice.

To all of them, thank you very much.


Juan Güell Ubillos
Managing Director of Mutua Universal

Publicado el: 12/07/2017

In 2017 Mutua Universal contributed €56.66m to Social Security corresponding to surpluses from 2016. In 2017 it achieved benefits of €33m, thereby increasing its percentage share in the sector in contributions to the System, with full financial solvency.